*** ANNOUNCEMENT *** Hi Everyone! We want to apologize for not...

Wednesday, 2 December 2015


Hi Everyone! We want to apologize for not answering any convos these past few days and not posting freebie #5 (will come later this week) On November 30th, we had our little miracle, our first baby. Noah is super healthy and Sarah is doing great as well! I am starting to answer convos right now and should be up to date tomorrow ( theres a lot!!). For those with download issues, I will resend the files, just give a bit of time :) For the Gift shop orders, I will be putting everything in production in the next few days from the thanksgiving weekend orders and early this week. We will upgrade the shipping to priority 2 days for all orders to accommodate everyone. We had planned this ahead of time so we have super cool packs coming this week still and lots of beautiful stuff to come! :) We thank you all for your understanding and support! :D :D :D

Thank you all so much,

Gabriel & Sarah & Noah
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