Prettygrafik started after a huge set back in our lives. We had to quit the family business where we created and conceptualized ecologically friendly gifts and stationery for children and teens distributed across 500 stores. Unfortunately like so many others we got caught in the economic meltdown so we closed our company, which was to say the least a devastating experience. 

I spent a year being depressed and trying to find a job and the meaning of life (just kidding, my passion). Meanwhile Gabriel supported us by working for a engineering firm as the Vice President of Marketing. Although he was great at his job and it saved us financially it wasn’t the best place for him. We wanted like so many people to work in a job that we were passionate about.

I eventually became super frustrated and in my case from frustration comes inspiration (a lucky trait indeed). I knew that we loved art, we loved making cute products in our other company. I suddenly was struck with an idea, why not sell some art? and that’s when I discovered Etsy and the world of digital art, yeah happy ending!

Actually we both worked super hard for another year and the shop started to sell a little but not enough to support us. That year on Etsy the shop ended up being discovered by a giftware company who liked our work and needed commercial designs. This opportunity opened up a whole new world, the art licensing world. We were finally able to become a professional design studio with both a commercial and e-commerce division selling our art worldwide. 

Now we have the privilege to design commercial art as well as designing our own product collections that you can find in our Prettygrafik Gift Shop!

We are so happy and fulfilled to be working in a business that we love and are passionate about! We would like to thank you, YOU our fans and supporters whom without we could not live our dream everyday :)

Sarah & Gabriel

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